Starborn and Bound to Earth

by Astreality

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released August 18, 2014



all rights reserved


Astreality Fitchburg, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Living Soil
"Starborn and bound to earth; we are double agents cloaked in flesh;
our womb-born conventions forged to obscure cosmic inconsequence."

His words fell upon deaf ears. The earth turned as it always had. It still breathed after all these years, held hostage by our ignorance;
Allegiant to self-serving gods and interests that were not our own;
Divided by abstract and fruitless boundaries. It was time for liberation, that was when he said:

"We have reason to celebrate but it's magnitude extends beyond our grasp; beyond our place of comfort.
Improbabilities born of a grand celestial womb, yet we remain confined in an allegiant slumber; Awaken."
Track Name: Red Cloud
We had all made sacrifices, but her eyes were frozen in my mind;
As I let go, we both knew I would soon be buried alive by time.
The monolith hung above our heads.

Eyes to the sky,
Arms reaching out,
A distant cosmic mirror obscured

The hand of man lifting the great blue veil. I had taken my place as a speck in the cosmic scale.

The abyss was inviting, yet a persistent host,
and I had already given up all that I loved most.
And she was aging without me.
I wondered if she felt that this was justified.

We were dying in the name of something bigger than ourselves,
Flightless birds with books of conquest on our shelves.
We cast ourselves into the empty pages.
The monolith stood beneath our feet.

We would stand amongst gods,
Yet I was thinking about her as we descended through the dense fog.